Good Girls Always Fall For Bad Boys


June 7th marked the 2nd anniversary of my urban fiction novel #goodgirlsalwaysfallforbadboys. On June 6th we had a fundraiser event to raise funds for our independent film which is based off of my book “Good Girls Always Fall For Bad Boys ”
I am grateful for the opportunity to turn my book into a movie. It’s such an amazing experience being able to share a teaser of  my independent film #goodgirlsalwaysfallforbadboys which me, my cousin John and the entire cast have been working hard on. Thank you to all that came out for us…I’ll tell ya things don’t come easy, and we aren’t finished yet, it’s just the beginning but not giving up and having a great support system has given me all the ambition and faith I need…. Be on the look out for the online fundraiser coming soon… Thank you  for the love and support!😍