Breaking Friendships

It’s ok to break off friendships with people, who you can no longer be friends with. Friendships evolve overtime, sometimes you out grow them or many times they end from betrayal.  I had to end a friendship because it wasn’t genuine; it was so much drama going on and the person was a big attention seeker which kept things stirred up. Many things happened that rubbed me the wrong way like hearing stories from other people within the same circle. I became fed up; I began to cut ties with all of them. This was the option which I chose and it was the best one. I didn’t give any warning, no explanation I just completely shut them out. To me it was better that way.

When we cross paths there’s no hard feeling because I felt it was a fake friendship that needed to be ended. You would think that one of them would have reached out to me regarding my absence and me no longer reaching out to them, but no they didn’t so it felt like the right thing to do in my case; It’s up to you to decide if you want to allow a person to stay in your life or kick them to the curb. There are more friends out there, let your friendships become memories and not resentments.


4 thoughts on “Breaking Friendships

  1. Yes I think its OK to end a friendship cause everybody that say they are your friend is not some are your friends just to bring you down and I feel a true friends always try to lift you up so if you feel a friend is bringing you down cut them off

  2. Friendships for me are complicated. A friendship is another form of a relationship, it requires the same elements trust respect and communication. If you break a friendship and you have no feelings about it, itwas probably more of an acquaintance than a real friendship. There’s people I’ve stop talking to and never gave them a second thought, but I’ve lost friends that really hurt me and no matter how much time may have passed you miss the person because this was a relationship. The most important factor in a friendship is communication, good bad ugly, if you can talk it out it will strength your bond instead of losing someone important to you.

    • I totally understand… however, there are boundaries that people cross and in a friendship people need to respect those boundaries. I feel that relationships with friends can go sour over time in my experience that has happen, I felt like we couldn’t get that spark back. It was so much going on and time passing in between, trusting the person wasn’t the same. So I did what I felt was best and I can honestly say I’m at peace.

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