Find your Niche


Who would have thought I would be a writer. Writing was a hobby that I enjoyed doing. I would write poems, music lyrics, letters and short stories and it was all for fun, which became one of my talents. I knew I wanted to be a business woman but when you want to put your hand in everything you have many visions and it’s hard to focus on one thing at a time.  I thought I would be using my degree in opening a clothing boutique, which I will still pursue because my passion is in fashion but throughout time things change, you’ll never know what direction life will take you in, as long as you have that drive anything is possible. You have to bring forth your craft, connect with the right people and have strong supportive people on your side with that there is nothing that you cannot do. I’m happy to say that I’m an author/ writer, talented woman that is driven to let success speak for me. Believe in yourself and chase your dreams all is possible. The purpose is to complete, you could want to be a designer, writer, producer and you could be all those things but you have to complete them.

 Just another notch under my belt!


2 thoughts on “Find your Niche

  1. Sometimes being your biggest critic can slow progression. Although I’ve been writing my whole life, I would be the first person to tell you I have no special talent. However, after attending a poetry expo, being around other writers and performing my spoken word I’d never felt so free. But it was witnessing a couple of people I knew publishing books that really opened my mind up and now not a day goes by that I’m not writing or thinking of a new poem or short story. Express yourself in the way that pleases you, and believe in yourself

    • Thank you so much for your feedback. I agree and I’m going to add that some people are procrastinators; they sit around and think that things should come to them or it would happen in time. NO that is not the case you have to work for it. There are people who watch it happen, then there are those who want it to happen but don’t make the necessary moves to progress and lastly you have the people who make it happen. I’m happy to know that you have pursued what you enjoy doing, believe it or not poetry is your talent. Good Luck!

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