Let it go

If a guy/female isn’t giving you what you want within your relationship leave him/her alone. Don’t settle for what he/her has to offer you, settle for your happiness and what matters most to you. I feel as though we look at material things which win over the right decisions in a bad, unhealthy relationship. I’ve always wonder why is it so hard to get out of a mistreated relationship? Is it because you love the person so much that you can’t imagine being without him/her or is it that you are not strong enough to survive without this man/woman who is not good for you. In order to live, you have to be content with your relationship, I believe majority of minority women seem to settle for men that cannot fulfill them mentally, physically or emotionally. This is where the problem lies… If it’s causing you pain let it go.

“Good Girls Always Fall for Bad Boys”


2 thoughts on “Let it go

  1. What I’ve found is that most women are scared to be alone. Like not having a man makes them worthless. This mind set makes woman weak and willing to put up with whatever their partners dish out. There is nothing wrong with being alone and learning yourself before committing to another person. Another thing I have found is that in the minority community people do not date. It’s meet someone today and we are in a relationship tomorrow. We need to get to know one another, learn one another before we commit our lives to each other live with each other have unprotected sex and make babies together.

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