Love with all of your being, not with material things…

Providing and caring is two different things. The definition of a provider is “One who supplies a means of subsistence: parents who were good providers” In difference a care giver is one who shows “Feeling and exhibiting concern and empathy for others.” In my opinion and as the definition states, Money can’t buy love…. I’ve witnessed many relationships that have been running off of the purchase of material things, mother /father and children, couples, married couples, etc…. How come showing how much you love a person doesn’t come first… as a parent providing for your children is a big difference than giving your children unconditional love… I’m grateful to have a mother who is loving and caring and I must add a provider…I love all the characteristics that she has because she doesn’t just buy me, my brothers and sister things or give us money to show her affection. She cares by loving and guiding us, showing us how much we mean to her…. She Pushes me to become the best that I can be because she didn’t have that….she didn’t have no one to guide her growing up… she learned it all on her own… and I must say to not have love and affection she surely mastered it….and is a great mom your Hugs and kisses mean so much… now that’s love! I can go on and on of how much my mother cares but you guys get the concept…..


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