Happy Thanksgiving!

Wishing all of my family, friends and followers an early Happy Thanksgiving, I hope that you all are Thankful and Grateful for this day. I’ am Grateful and Thankful for my family and to be hosting Thanksgiving dinner at my house. What about you guys, what plans do you have for Thanksgiving? Tell me about them and also what will you be cooking? I’m going to have some family members over and I will be cooking along with my mom, we will be cooking it all, check out my menu below…We cook together every year :)…. The only blog post that I may post tomorrow will be a pic. Happy Turkey day, enjoy remember spend your holiday with the people you love… make someone smile, be careful when cooking don’t burn or cut yourself…. Be safe Happy Holiday!

What’s on my…Thanksgiving Menu

Turkey-stuffing, Pork shoulder, Ham, Turkey wings

Brussels sprouts, Green & yellow squash, baked corn, Yams

Rice/gravy, mashed potatoes, baked mac & cheese

Apple & sweet potato pie, Cheese cakes, strawberry cup cakes

~Blessings, Rich Milan~



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