Diamonds are a girls best friend

They say “diamonds are a girls best friend”…a metaphor that I do believe because of the material world we live in today, diamonds fit the description of a girls best friend. I was going to title my first book “diamonds are a girls best friend” but down to the last minute… I changed the title to “Good Girls Always Fall for Bad Boys” which I love because it describes my book in detail, the title alone raises excitement of what the book is about. Many people can relate to the title… its important to have a great title for your book that’s catchy and stands out. “Good Girls Always Fall for Bad Boys” an amazing urban fiction read, full of excitement if you haven’t done so yet get your copy now.. also it will make a great holiday gift for yourself, family & friends! The book is available now at My question to my followers is, Are diamonds a girls best friend? And if reading a book title “Diamonds are a girls best friend” what would you think the book will be about?


2 thoughts on “Diamonds are a girls best friend

  1. True diamonds are a girls best friend but women make the wrong things there diamonds so I would be interested I what the book would be about

  2. I like what you said “Women make the wrong things their diamonds”
    When I think of a book being titled “diamonds are a girl’s best friend” I vision a woman being showed with precious diamond jewels and this is what keeps her in a relationship with a guy who is no good for her. She is so attracted to the material things that she will sacrifice friendships, family and her heart ache to shine.

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