Dealing with men in prison

Is it cool to date a guy that is in prison?… I feel if u were with the guy before he went to prison you should hold him down depending on how much time he got…also take in to consideration if things wasn’t right in your relationship when he was home you should way your decisions help him out when needed or leave him while he’s in there…. If you’re dealing with a dude who has a long sentence you should also way your options because why settle for someone who will not be there to fulfill you?… I know one thing jail isn’t for every body and I must add I will not be locked up for someone else…meaning just because your guy is locked up doesn’t mean u have to hold back your growth and development because u are waiting on a man… what I don’t understand is why do women date men in prison?…. don’t you want better for yourself?…that starts the relationship off on the wrong foot… because this man is going to believe that you will hold him down in
any situation that he is in..and have you ever thought about if he leaves when he does come home….he used you to take care of him in jail….. your life means more…. take care of you first #Good Girls Always Fall for Bad Boys


One thought on “Dealing with men in prison

  1. I don’t know if its so much about wanting better. Of course women want better, want a great man and provider. Some things just happen while some can be prevented other things can’t and you find yourself in a situation with a man who was once all of those things and more to a man facing time. But if he was
    was a piece of shit prior to going to jail u should have left him then but I see no problem in leaving him hanging. I had a good relationship prior to hos arrest, but there are days when I question my loyalty and I become angry because one reckless action caused him to be away from his family. And action that could have been prevented had he just calmed down and thought before he acted. That’s when I began to blame him and say I didn’t sign up for this shit. I’m no ride or die. I’m just a girl who loves her man and is waiting to finish what was started. I can’t say that I’d wait 10 years or even 5. It will be 3 when he comes home and my hope is that he has learned a lesson from this all. I’m sure he has 2 visits in 3 yrs. Bet his ass wont go back cause im not about that up north or any other jail visit life and I damn sure wont be about another bid life.

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