Are Friendships equal to relationships?

Should friendships be treated like marriages or boyfriend/girlfriend relationships? Do you treat you friendships like you treat your spouse? For me I highly respect my friendships, friends play an important part in my life. There are times when I don’t speak to a friend for days, but I speak to my partner every day. I give my partner more of my attention because we are together more, we live together and we have a child together… I adore my friends and I’m attentive to their needs but to sum it up,  I try to treat my friendships as close to my relationship as possible… as far as their needs go I believe I’m there for them…only they can answer that…but I do need my space… I can’t carry anyone because my focus is to my family… I have to be more attentive to my needs and my partner but I will not leave my friends hanging.

~Rich Milan~


11 thoughts on “Are Friendships equal to relationships?

  1. I believe friendships are a type of relationship but the relationship between you and your spouse should be more intimate. I love my friends and are always there when they need me however the relationship I have with my man is deeper. We talk about everything where there are things I wouldn’t tell my friends. I think depending on how close and comfortable you are spouse their more like family you can have sex with lol

    • To me Friendships are more like family members, like a sister or cousin… I just don’t look at a friendship as a relationship… I care about my friends needs and feelings, just as I do my family members… but my relationship is more personal and deeper.

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