What is your New Year resolution?

Have you even decided on your resolutions for the coming New Year? I usually pick a new resolution every year to see if I will live it out; I’m one who would have chosen exercising, eating healthy, keeping good grades. But as I accomplish my goals, I just didn’t want to make one commitment once a year on New Year’s. What I’ve been doing for a few years that I Love is creating visual boards. I write out my goals and include motivational pictures and inspiring quotes which keep me striving to reach each of these goals for the years, months or weeks. I can honestly say that I have had great success with my vision boards than making a New Year resolution… It works better for me because I have a board that I can look at every day hanging in my room that is meaning full to me because it has things that I’ve dreamed of, where I want to be in life, vacations, down to the type of car I’m getting, in addition to activities, places and planning for my daughter.  I’m driven to reach the objectives on my vision board, so no I will not be committing to a New Year’s Resolutions my vision board has all of the determination I need…. But I still will enjoy reading your resolutions… or even sharing ideas on how you can create your very own vision board.


5 thoughts on “What is your New Year resolution?

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  3. I really like the idea of a visual aide, I tend to keep goals wrapped in my head, which doesn’t help because I’m a procrastinator. I want to try and create one. Of for the topic at hand, I’ve tried setting New Years resolutions but I usually forget, so say I will try to me the new year better than the last.

    • Yes hun try it… start by going through magazines or browsing the internet or even writing out a piece of your poetry and purchase your board and create a vision for you with stickers or what ever you desire… I hope it works out xoxo #Plan

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