How do you fix a fight with a friend?


If you and a friend had a big argument and this lead to you both not speaking and you ran into him/her out in public, what would you do?

A. would you speak to him/her

B. Would you apologize for what had occurred even if you don’t believe you were wrong?

Or C. Would you keep walking pass as if you never knew this friend.

Choice C is a big issue because it doesn’t only go on with friends it happens to siblings and other family members as well. There are many people that can’t get past heated issues, Because of something the person did to them or what they heard the person said about them. Don’t let your pride or ego get the best of you; it’s best to fix a relationship than to leave it in pieces… Even if you can’t hang with the person like you used to… there is nothing wrong with being cordial, as people we are to give one another a little space but, going two weeks or two months without speaking to a friend that you’re in contact with often is too long in my opinion.


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