year 2014 Lets get it!

Yesterday I had a great production meeting with producer, John DeGroat and Director, Vincent Warner. We meet with G Joseph, who will be playing the leading character  as Frank in “Good Girls always Fall for Bad Boys” I’m so excited to have him on board. He blew us away when he auditioned. I know he will deliver, and make this movie a master piece. Already he fits in well with our team! Chemistry is a must when working with someone; I must say I have a great team. I’m starting out with a bang this New Year; I have a lot of things in store for you guys… I just keep thinking to myself how amazing God is… I resigned from my job December 27 of last year and this year I’m casting roles for my movie. Six months ago, I released my first book “Good Girls Always Fall for Bad Boys” I founded my own publishing company “Richmilannovels”; I did not think I would be shooting a movie. From the reviews I received, I knew my book was a great read, but I didn’t think it would be turned into a movie.

I would like to say Thank you to the believers!  Big things are about to happen, I can feel it, and I want to share it with the world. All I ask of you is to  follow me on my journey, believe in me and what I’m doing and give your unconditional support, Until next time bloggers!



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