“Let’s get it clean in 2014”

I was watching my mentor Iyanla Vanzant on YouTube speaking at an engagement for Girls Inc., And I was moved by her idea “let’s get it clean for 2014” this was so great for me because of the cleanse I began and the goals I would like to achieve this year; I need to be in tip-top shape. What she meant by “Let’s get it clean for 2014” watch what you are thinking and watch what you are speaking; the words you speak out of your mouth you create. Don’t hold on to the past let it go, let go what you have talked about and what people have said about you. We have to clean up our minds, mouths, hearts, family and community. In order to have a clear vision you have to be clean. We are role-models to our children,  family members, community members. You never know who is watching so we have to be as clean as possible. I must admit this is going to be a challenge for me, but I will do it because I have a two-year-old daughter who I am a role-model to, And its important that I watch  what I say around her. So “Let’s Get It Clean In 2014” Until next time bloggers!


2 thoughts on ““Let’s get it clean in 2014”

  1. Good evening, I actually went to YouTube and Wacth the video. It was great…..it actually capture all of the things I believe in. If we watch what we are thinking we are displaying a form of conscious thinking/self awareness. Moreover, the only way to succeed in life WE MUST be or become conscious thinkers. On every level mentally, spiritually and emotionally. Wacthing our thoughts can prevent unwarranted behaviors.

    Be Blessed!

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