3 day detox cleanse complete!

Me and my mother completed our 3 day detox yesterday. It was a great experience, to be able to cleanse our bodies and also fight through the cravings we were having. I’m so happy that we completed this challenge together. However, we both had to cook meals for our family; for breakfast, lunch and dinner, boy were we tempted to eat, but we believed in what we were doing this detox for, which is to begin on a healthy eating journey. Our next step now is to have more vegetables on our plates over carbs. We will be having small to no rice or any types of carbs. How I feel today is great; I know I lost a few pounds; I wasn’t able to weigh myself yet, but I can see and feel it. I also feel that my stomach has shrunk eating breakfast I felt like I was full after about three spoonfuls. My mom and I have decided to continue drinking green tea every morning and lemon, cucumber water throughout the day and to continue  the 3 day detox cleanse every three months. I enjoyed taking the soothing baths with Epsom salt and lavender drops. But I had to make myself like the shakes and I think this is the reason why most people can’t go through with detoxing because the shakes, aren’t that great but to me it was worth it, I will take health over taste any day.



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