“Wanna truly wi…

“Wanna truly win? Don’t be negative OR talk negative…Be responsible for the energy you carry around with you” ~RevRun~

I retweeted this quote yesterday from the wisdom man Mr. Rev Run.  I had to write about it because I know many of us can relate. Many of us speak negative and this is what holds us back from seeing the positive in things. Before you go through with a task or situation you’re doubting it before hand, which you shouldn’t do if you want to see the good in what you’re doing make the best of it by being positive. This is acknowledgement for myself and I hope for others to; no longer dictate anything that you’re involved in with negative talk or energy. When you enter into a room and the energy is not good and you feel  uncomfortable; you should not stay around that negative energy. Remove yourself negative energy is toxic and if you’re walking around feeling or being negative you’re walking around toxic. Lets reevaluate our thinking be positive! WIN!


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