Make connections

In order to see results within your brand you have to put that work in. It is required that you network with people at functions, social events to let people know who you’re; However its your chance to sell them on your product. Also you have to have something to present to them like business cards, flyers, even your product presented in their face or by exchanging social media contact’s, emails, websites, etc. You have to be ready at all times you never know who you will run into. What I do is a keep business cards in its own wallet I even keep some in my car along with a copy of “Good Girls Always Fall for Bad Boys” that is available online at I have been reaching out to people by sending out follow up emails the whole point is to have your brand stand out. I attended Tionna smalls BossyTuesday newtworking event lastnight & there were a lot of great women & men working their brands everyone was socializing giving out their business cards and flyer’s there was food and drinks, it was real bossy. I will do this more often because I connected with some fabulous women. It’s all about connecting and seeing progess! Until next time bloggers!~be blessed~


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