Are men in relationships?

why are men interested in other women when they, themselves are in committed relationships. Last week I was doing an interview and the host of the show directed a question for me to answer. She asked “why do I attract men that are in relationships” and I replied  “Are you talking to these men” and she answered “No” It doesn’t sit right with her that these are the men hitting on her. However, the question I believe should have been; why do men show interest or hit on other women when they are involved? or Why do men tell the women they’re are hitting on that they have a girlfriend? Men expect women to be ok with them having a girlfriend; I believe some women are ok with it. Women need to have more respect for themselves. Don’t you want a man of your own? why set yourself up to get your heart broke by a man that’s in a relationship already. And then to be told by him that “You knew I had a girl already” what a punch of a line. This is the setup men make it clear when they hit on you that they have a girl so that when they cut it off with you they expect it to be the end.  But you already are deep in with your feelings and this is what you don’t want to go through. If a man is stating that he has a girl, wife, friend what ever term he uses DO NOT give him the time of day…. Are men in relationships? or do they want to have their cake and eat it too? Until next time bloggers!~Blessings~


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