Why do women take care of men?

Why do women take care of men?
Isn’t a man supposed to provide and take care of his woman. Let me make it clear that there is nothing wrong with treating your man special or buying him something here and there but if a woman is working and her man’s at home  with his feet up waiting on her to bring home the paycheck there is a lot wrong with that. There’s no way that a man who is capable and able to provide depends on a female to do all the work. I wonder is it the women’s fault because she’s enabling the situation, or feening to be in a relationship with a man that she likes so much she will give her last dollar to pay his phone bill that he uses when she’s at work to call another girl. I failed to mention he has a lot of time on his hands while she’s working. Women have to stop being enablers stop taking care of no good men who can’t take care of you and your home. As a women there’s nothing more sexy then a women that has her own and is about her business, working, hustling doing the best for herself & taking care of her family; however, there is something wrong with a man that ain’t bringing in the bacon. In “Good Girls Always Fall for Bad Boys” Frank wasn’t a 9-5 dude but he was a hustler, deep in the drug game. However,  he provided by any means necessary. I suggest doing things the responsible way because there is no way out when going the other route because Frank faced some hard time. But a man should be getting his hands dirty. If a man had to look for work everyday do it show your woman that you’re worthy. I’m not condoning that women should sit around all day either.
I was raised by my mom only and I grew up around women and these women were always the ones providing, working hard to take care of their families. There were no father figures around and I watched real women make it happen. In a relationship it takes two to provide, not a man using his woman.

What is your take on my post bloggers? share your thoughts.


3 thoughts on “Why do women take care of men?

  1. Good afternoon,

    I am no relationship expert but from my soon to be nine year relationship, it all depends on the standards that is set from the beginning of the partnership. A partnership is about progression from both individuals. If you allow bad habits to be acceptable they will continue to develop that way. Overall, it all depends on a persons, personal preference to either communicate with there spouse about the lack of progression in the partnership or accept there partners dysfunctional ways. In some cases when either spouse lacks financially stability,they can made it up in other areas (emotional, mental and spiritual).

    Be Blessed!

    • Setting standards about what you expect in your relationship and how you want to be treated is a priority because if not your partner will think anything goes. Communicating about what you want and changing the bad habits is progress but some people are cons they will con/manipulate their way through a relationship and their partner would be in denial about what’s going on in their relationship. I’m no expert either but hearing about this experience from other women who have been through this situation and are still going through this, says its really hard to get out of and they wish they had never allowed it to begin with. Thank you for your view on this topic. I enjoyed your feedback.

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