These girls ain’t loyal

Ladies how do you know when you have a backstabbing girl friend.  Aren’t there signs? From experience I had a friend who slept with my first love. I considered this girl my best friend,  although we were youngsters to me she crossed the line. If she could do that to me she has no boundaries, so I cut her off..  to this day we don’t speak because of what she did. In “Good Girls Always Fall for Bad Boys” Tonya is one of Nilla’s best friends and Tonya knew who Frank was dealing with on the side. Imagine  your girl the one you tell all of your juicy secrets to hooks your man up with a friend of hers. She broke all rules, right! the question is why would she do such an ugly act. Is it because she’s jealous,  envious,  scandalous and likes to keep drama going. Why would someone that is like your sister be so trifling. What signs can women be aware of when dealing with fake friends…
Until next time bloggers ~Blessings


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