Communication is key

It’s important to communicate your feelings with a person you have an  issue with. You can’t express the way you feel by looking at someone or giving off negative vibes; that just leaves a nasty taste in a persons mouth. A person would feel like they don’t want to have anything to do with you  once you begin to through shade     and all it took was for you to speak on your concerns. Never let an opportunity go by without conversing what you’re feeling. It’s a bit cliche however, communication is key it will solve a lot of problems, problems that you didn’t even know existed. And don’t create a screaming match because it doesn’t resolve nothing you will create more mixed feelings. This is what I’m working on and as adults we should all begin to practice hearing a person out, keep an open mind, its not about only you, take in the other person’s feelings. It’s a great way to better yourself. Never look at anything as you’re selling yourself short; you’re in fact building a greater you….be blessed….until next time bloggers!


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