Eric Garner

These cops need to be more open-minded when it comes to dealing with the public. When arriving on a scene don’t be so quick to discriminate against someone especially if they are not armed,  intentionally hurting themselves or harming others. Eric Garner was not just anyone he was a father, a friend and a neighbor who lived in the staten island community and was beaten by NYPD which caused his death. R.I.P Eric Garner I hope this crime of police killing innocent people stops now. If you take a look at the Eric Garner video, a gut wrenching feeling will take over your body it’s disturbing hearing Eric say “I can’t breathe.” And the police still continue to react forcefully, and seeing  once the EMTs arrived no one performed CPR and he stated before dying “I can’t breathe.” Eric Garner just broke up a fight, before he was approached by police offices and was tackled to the ground based off of his past, but what did he do at the very moment? NOTHING! He did nothing but break up a fight. I don’t believe the NYPD and the EMTs workers should be placed on modified duty or suspension they should all lose their jobs for not doing their jobs correctly. Shame on you NYPD! A big round of applause to the hundreds of people who rallied in support of justice of Eric Garner shouting out “I can’t breathe”…. God bless you all!





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