DIY Paris Theme (Amaya Skyy’s 3rd Birthday)

On August 2nd I gave my daughter a paris theme birthday party for her 3rd birthday and I made most of the decorations by hand and the rest I purchased and added my own spin to things. I will say it takes a lot of time to create your vision but as long as you prepare yourself ahead of time you can give someone a beautiful birthday party.
I had to cut, spray paint, tie, make standing columns for the balloons, blow up balloons, glue, ribbon, design a back drop, make tutus and put up all of the decorations plus much more, it was time consuming but it was worth it. Here are a few pictures to show off what I did for my baby love’s 3rd birthday. 🐩🗼


Suitcases,  pearls, picture franes, shoe boxes, eiffel tower, letters, bird cage, purses, flowers made out of tissue rolls, flowers and feathers


Paris, candy bar, bird cage, a shie jewelry holder, flowers in mason jars.


The tables for the guests


Balloon column, I made for the first time


Paris standees, ordered from shingdigz


Tutu spoon and folk holders, Pom poms, a shoe box.


Paris standee, ordered from shingdigz


Vases filled with feathers, a lamp shade made out of a tutu, place cards, Lanterns


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