Don’t settle for less

Don’t settle for the money and what’s convenient in your relationship. No man should ever make you feel less than yourself. Women have so much to live for, this Ray Rice incident with him knocking out his fiancé, well she was his fiancé at the time, but now she’s his wife. This is unbelievable to me, he knocked her out and she married him after that. Why didn’t she leave? I wish she would have saw the sign and got up out of that relationship. I believe she kept her mouth shut because the money and hurting his career, maybe what stopped her was her being scared of what her life would be like and the hell he would put her through because the way he picked up her lifeless body showed me how much he cares,  or maybe she could have been thinking he would never hit her again, such a touchy topic but I got bad news if he hit you once he will do it twice.



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