Proud mom of AmayaSkyy

The feeling I felt  is unexplainable. My baby who’s only three years old started her first day of gymnastics class yesterday.😆 I’m so happy for her,  she’s been practicing her kartwheels, splits, hand stands and flips. She started doing gymnastics on her own, it’s like it just came naturally. One day she begin to do a split then she started doing kartwheels and as a mom an excited mom, I felt the need to put her in gymnastics;  because of the passion she has for it, after every time she does a kartwheel she wants to show everyone and it makes her so happy. She asked me “mommy can I do gymnastics?” and I replied “of course you can baby” so yesterday was the big day for my talented sunshine. She was all ready and we had a prep talk. I let her know it’s ok if you mess up, just keep going, it’s ok to feel shy, there’s always a next time. I had butterflies for her but I know she got this. I watched her start off trying to do a kartwheel and now seeing her control her legs and position her hands correctly,  I know she can do it!!! Thank you God for blessing my Amaya Skyy 💓



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