Ali’s Baby Shower

About two weeks ago I did two balloon columns for my friends baby shower. When I arrived at the hall she was sitting at one of the nine tables she had set up with the help of the owner. She had her legs propped up on a chair resting, she was tired. Imagine being 8 months pregnant and trying to decorate it doesn’t  work out too well, lol. Did I mention I was supposed to be there at 11am setting up the columns and others were supposed to be there decorating as well but no one was there. I got there about 12:45pm and made a miracle happen with the help of her and another friend who came last minute. The balloons I got for the columns weren’t the same color as the lady who came to do the arch. So I had to borrow extra pink and blue balloons from her to make all the balloons the same color and I used the magenta color balloons I had to decorate the tables. After all of the stressing over the color of the balloons, everything began to come together. The candy bar came out so nice; we put our on spin on things and Ms. Ali had a lovely baby shower. Here are a few pics I attached for you to see how cute the decorations turned out.





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